Zerodha is India’s first Discount Stock Broker with largest client base of over 36.02 lakh active customers and advanced in house technology.

Products Offered By Zerodha

Brokerage Plan

(Single Plan)

Zerodha is providing only one plan, Here you find Account opening and Maintenance fees charged, Brokerage charges and Margins provided by Zerodha.


Account Opening Charges:


Account Maintenance Charges:

₹300 Per Annum

Call & Trade Charges:

₹50 Per Order


Equity Delivery Brokerage:


Equity Intraday Brokerage:

0.03% On Order Value

Equity Futures Brokerage:

0.03% On Order Value

Equity Options Brokerage:

₹20 On Order Value

Currency Futures Brokerage:

0.03% On Order Value

Currency Options Brokerage:

0.03% On Order Value

Currency Futures Brokerage:

0.03% On Order Value

Commodity Options Brokerage:

0.03% On Order Value


Equity Delivery Margin:

0x As Per Exchange

Equity Intraday Margin:

3x As Per Exchange

Equity Futures Margin:

2.5x As Per Exchange

Equity Options Margin:

2.5x As Per Exchange

Currency Futures Margin:

2.5x As Per Exchange

Currency Options Margin:

2.5x As Per Exchange

Currency Futures Margin:

2.5x As Per Exchange

Commodity Options Margin:

0x As Per Exchange

Additional Services:

Some other extra features provided by Zerodha.

Excluded Services:

Some features which are not provided by Zerodha.

Additional Investment Options:

Zerodha also provide services for investing in these fields.


Strengths of this Broker:

  1. Zerodha is one of the Trusted brokers in INDIA.
  2. Zerodha has Innovative and unique trading tools like – SPAN Calculator, Bracket orders & Trailing Stoploss, Market Intel, Options Strategy, Market Monitor, etc.
  3. 60-day-challenge – Trade profitably and get the acknowledgment and a certificate.
  4. Zerodha provides free stock market education.
  5. Zerodha doesn’t recover clearing charges from customers, since it’s a self-clearing broker.
  6. Provide investment in Bonds & G-securities through Golden Pi.​

Area of improvements in the Broker: 

  1. Investing in stocks listed in foreign stock exchanges is not possible through Zerodha.
  2. NRI Account opening can be done only through an offline process.
  3. Zerodha’s call & trade charges are more as compared to other brokers.​
  4. Zerodha’s software glitches sometimes due to huge customer base.
  5. Zerodha has different investment platform for different instruments like Kite for shares, Coin for mutual funds, Golden Pi for bonds etc.

Customers Feedback for Zerodha

We provide our unbiased reviews on the basis of customer service, overall usability and performance of the broker. Our reviews are based on both positive and negative aspects so that you can have better understanding of the broker.

Overall Performance

Trading Tools Provided By Zerodha:

Kite Web is a trading platform which can be used on desktop, tablets as well as on a mobile web browser. It shows market watch and extensive technical charting along with indicators. It also offers advanced order types like Brackets and Cover Order for trading at BSE, NSE and MCX.

Kite application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Customers can trade through their mobile phones and also track stocks and commodity markets of Indian stock exchange. It has live streaming data from BSE, NSE, and MCX.

A free mobile application providing online as well as offline educational content for traders and investors. You can set your daily goals and gauge your knowledge by appearing for tests.

Zerodha has a platform known as Coin in which you buy mutual funds online, completely commission-free and directly from Asset Management Companies (AMCs). You get Mutual Funds directly in your Demat Account and this makes it very user-friendly.

Do you wish to sell a share as soon as it reaches Rs 100? Sentinel will monitor the stock for you and will send an alert even if you are away, and that too for free. You can set simple or complicated parameters to provide an alert for not only stocks but for commodities, bonds and derivatives as well.

It is the dashboard of your Demat account that provides complete information about your holdings, and tax-ready reports necessary for filing income tax returns. Console facilitates applying for IPOs using a Zerodha account.

Charges Details:

For Equity :-

Transaction Charges
NSE - 0.00325%, BSE - 0.003%
NSE - 0.00325%, BSE - 0.003%
NSE - 0.0019%
NSE - 0.05%
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
₹ 100 per Lacs
Sell-side, ₹ 25 per Lacs
Sell-side, ₹ 10 per Lacs
Sell-side, ₹ 50 per Lacs
SEBI Charges
₹ 5 per crore
₹ 5 per crore
₹ 5 per crore
₹ 5 per crore

For Commodity:-

Transaction Charges
Group A - 0.0026%, Group B - 0.00005%
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
Sell-side, 0.01% for Non Agri
Sell-side, 0.05%
SEBI Charges
Agri - ₹ 1 per crore; Non-Agri ₹ 5 per crore
₹ 5 per crore

For Currency:-

Transaction Charges
NSE - 0.0009%, BSE - 0.00022%
NSE - 0.00325%, BSE - 0.001%
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
18% on Brokerage + Transaction
SEBI Charges
₹ 5 per crore
₹ 5 per crore

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Zerodha good for beginners?

Zerodha is a discount brokers preffered by millions of traders in INDIA. Beggin ers usually prefer broker having cheapest brokerage charge. Zerodha charges a flat fee model at Rs. 20 therefore, it is the preferred broker among beginners.
However, Zerodha being a discount broker does not assist with research, advisory or recommendations. This makes it a challenge for new investors who often find it difficult to make these decisions. But in lieu of this, the broker has online education app, support portals, and discussion forums to assist beginners.
Overall, considering the many helpful services it offers, Zerodha is considered as among one of the most preferable brokers by beginners.

Does Zerodha Provide Trading tips?

No. Unlike full-service brokers, Zerodha doesn't provide trading tips, research, advisory or recommendations. They also do not offer services like portfolio management services (PMS), wealth management and relationship managers.

What are the documents required to open an online Zerodha trading and Demat account?

  1. Aadhaar card (you can open your account offline route if you don’t want to use your Aadhaar details).
  2. Pan card, a photocopy of Pan is mandatory to be uploaded on Zerodha portal.
  3. The mobile number must be linked to your Aadhar (it’s mandatory for online procedure as customers will receive the OTP in that particular number only).
  4. Cancelled cheque/Bank statement/Passbook front page (anyone) to link  your bank account – if your cheque is not personalized then the bank statement you upload should have both IFSC & MICR code printed on it. (If, not then your application will be rejected).
  5. A photo or scanned copy of your signature proof will be required to be uploaded.
  6. Income proof- It is mandatory to submit income proof if you wish to trade in Future and Options – Equity, commodity and Currency. You can submit any one of below documents: Form 16; Income Tax Return Acknowledgment; 6-month bank statement; latest salary slip; Demat holding Statement; or Networth Certificate from a CA.

How long does it take to open Zerodha Trading and Demat account?

  • It generally takes 24-48 working hours to open Zerodha Trading and DEMAT account, provided the documentation you’ve provided is in order ask by Zerodha.
  • You can expect some delay if there is a mismatch between the documents you have submitted and the documents Zerodha requires. You will receive an email from Zerodha on your registered email address with the rejection reason and its solution if there is a mismatch.
  • After your account is opened, Zerodha will send you a welcome email from '' to your registered email address.
  • This email will also have your login ID and the link to set your Kite password.

How do I open a trading and Demat account offline?

To open an account offline, you will have to print out the account opening forms, fill them up and sign them.
Once you filled and signed the account opening form, you have to send them to the below address:
Zerodha HO
#153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078
If everything is in place, your account will be opened within 48 working hours after receiving your account opening form.

Can I open a commodity account in zerodha without opening an equity account?

No, you cannot open a commodity account without opening an equity account at Zerodha.
Zerodha allows commodity accounts to be opened only if -

  1. You open an equity account (Trading + Demat).
  2. You have an existing equity account (Trading + Demat) with Zerodha.

Should I send any documents if I open my account online?

No, you need not send any documents physically if you open an account online.
Adding nominees was an offline procedure, but now you can now add single or multiple nominees to your Zerodha demat account online.

What are the charges charged by zerodha?

It charges zero brokerage on equity delivery trades. The maximum brokerage charged is Rs. 20 per order across all trading segments, whereas the lowest brokerage charged is 0.03% of the trade value. Apart from paying the brokerage fee, a trader also needs to pay various other charges.

If You have further Queries you can contact Zerodha support: